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The Pink Palate meets The Fat Kid Inside!

Ok so I’ve been on a very long hiatus. My bad! I’m back!

The Pink Palate meets The Fat Kid Inside!

Ok so I’ve been on a very long hiatus. My bad! I’m back!

A Secret Escape

Just when I thought I knew every restaurant in Dumaguete, here comes along LIKHÂ.

What: LIKHÂ Tapas & Vodka Bar

Where: South Sea Resort Hotel, 6200 Dumaguete City, Philippines

LIKHÂ, is a unique restaurant/bar as compared to others in Dumaguete. It may be in the city but it is well hidden. It is the perfect place for a quiet and intimate dinner with your loved one and/or  your concubine. Just kidding. LOL

Owned by Dumaguete’s renowned Super Chef, Ritchie Tembrevilla Ambrogenia. The restaurant is a must for those looking for something different.


The Interiors: Likha’s interiors is very modern and very..uhm..clean. I get lost whenever I go here.The place exudes such sophistication that I feel like a commoner in Colonial Virginia. Okay that was random. Seriously, the ambiance is great.

The restaurant has a few art pieces that adds a flair of ethnicity to the place. In fact, Likha feels very Filipino although the dishes aren’t.

There’s also this cute little spot where you can have, I don’t know vodka or something (Patron Tequila!) with friends and just talk about anything gay. Or straight. LOL

They also have a mini bar where they serve vodka, tequila, and all types of liquor. I just love the lighting in this side of the restaurant. It’s very.. uhm.. blue. LOL

The Menu: The restaurant boasts a variety of dishes, called Tapas. The first thing that came in my mind was those little strips of meat that my Mom used to cook at home. Tapas are like appetizers. You order several of them to have a full meal.


What I Ate:

Sweet and Sour Glazed Stuffed Chicken Wings -  Made from 99 mushrooms, five spice powder, oyster sauce, and of course chicken wings, this dish is really tasty! It was a bit dry but it was great. This is something I would order again but I won’t recommend it to anybody anytime soon.

Tasty…but a bit  dry.


Chicken Scalloppini w/ Basil Pesto - I love Chicken! I love Pasta..err..macaroni, whatever! This dish has both. In a rate out of 5, I’d give this a 3.9. It’s creamy and it has a taste that you haven’t tasted elsewhere.Plus, the bowl is cute.

I lurve it!


Thai Basil Chicken - One word. OMG! Wait, that was three. LOL. Now this little devil dish is EPIC! 10 out of 10! 5 Stars! A must try! I literally ate the whole leaf and it was yummehey! It’s Chicken, and green things, and spices, and rice in one. I don’t know how this was cooked but this is definitely my favorite dish! I ordered this in my last two visits.

This is all mine! Bwahaha..

The Result:

The food, the ambiance, the venue are all great. 2 Thumbs Up!

Our photographer, Miss Blue Seasons Drei Caro (below), in a shot by me.

Drei: “Mirror2x on the wall, who’s the flyest gay of them all?”

Prices: Sweet and Sour Glazed Stuffed Chicken WingsPhp99 Chicken Scalloppini w/ Basil Pesto  Php190 Thai Basil Chicken Php160

Photogaphy by Drei Photography